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Additionally, according to Decree 3 of General Congregation 35 (held in 2008), care of the environment is another area in which Jesuits, as servants of Christ, are invited to work. As noted in GC 35, care of the environment affects the quality of our relationships with God, with other human beings and with creation itself. The drive to access and exploit sources of energy and other natural resources is very rapidly widening the damage to earth, air, water and our whole environment. 

Decree 3 calls Jesuits and lay colleagues to discern how we can promote research and practices that lessen our environmental footprint. Finally, GC 35 invites all people to appreciate more deeply our covenant with creation and to act accordingly in terms of political responsibility, employment, family life and personal lifestyle.  

Click here to view information and resources on the papal encyclical on the environment.

The Jesuits and our partners have released several documents and developed resources that can help us right our relationship with creation:

  • Promotio Iustitiae 106: Healing a Broken World: Developed through a Task Force at the appeal of Father General and released in 2011, Healing a Broken World suggests many different commitments and initiatives that can be undertaken at different levels of the Society of Jesus: Conferences, Provinces, communities and works. It is a sincere invitation to make ecology a topic and reason for discernment. Communities are encouraged to review the Concrete Suggestions for action developed by the task force.

  • Promotio Iustitiae 111: A Spirituality that Reconciles us with Creation: Released in 2013, this series of reflections from Jesuits across the world examines: the role each of us has played in causing the ecological crisis with which we are now faced; feelings of gratitude to the Creator for the whole natural world and all the beings that dwell in it; finding the inspiration we need to develop new and better ways of relating to the world.
  • Earth Healing: Founded by Fr. Al Fritsch, SJ, Earth Healing is a virtual home for spiritual reflections on God's Creation.
  • Ecojesuit: Connecting Jesuits, people, and ecology online to promote greater awareness and responsibility to engage in meaningful ecology issues of our time.
  • Ignatius Jesuit Center Ecology Project: Based on the grounds of a retreat center in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, the Ecology Project is developing ecology-focused retreats and spiritual resources.
Additional resources for education and action on environmental is sues can be found at the Ignatian Solidarity Network and at the Catholic Coalition on Climate Change.

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