Coming from an artistic family, Fr. Chong did some painting but did not pursue any formal training for his art until he entered the Society.
Painting the Life of St. Ignatius for a Modern Audience

Nov. 13, 2015 – The Boston College Chronicle has posted an interview with Jesuit priest and painter, Sammy Chong - a visiting assistant professor in Boston College's fine arts department - about his most recent work which draws inspiration from early art of the Society of Jesus.

Since the early days of the Society, art has played an integral role, not only in the classrooms of Jesuit schools throughout the world, but also as a way to illustrate the lives of Jesuit saints to inspire future generations. One of the renowned artists commissioned by the Society was Flemish Baroque painter Peter Paul Rubens who among other things, created etchings of The Life of Saint Ignatius of Loyola

“The etchings he created of The Life of Saint Ignatius of Loyola made an impression on me when I saw them for the first time in a book long time ago,” said Fr. Chong of Rubens work. Fr. Chong always had in interest in the art depicting St. Ignatius and wanted to develop his own contribution. Ten years after his initial sketches, Fr. Chong created a series twelve paintings titled The Pilgrim, which highlight the journey of a modern man in search of his true self in much the way that St. Ignatius did.

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Above: Golden Calf, 2012, an example of one of Fr. Chong's earlier paintings. Mixed media on plexiglass, three panels 20” x 24” x 9” Fr. Chong describes the work as, “part of a body of wall installations that explores the social, physical, and spiritual phenomena of disengagement in public places. In it I addressed the impact of anonymity, pleasure, and consumerism in our human identity."

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